Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Linda Brown

The Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional men and women who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic and commercial progress of our community.

The area’s economic well being is related directly to the caliber of work that is done by the Chamber. That is why the Asheboro/Randolph Chamber has a major impact on business, income and future growth of the area.

There are two primary functions of a Chamber of Commerce:
(1) It acts as a spokesman for the business and professional community and translates into action the group thinking of its members, and (2) It renders specific services of a type that can be most effectively rendered by a community organization both to its members and to the community as a whole.

Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Heather Buell

About The Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce

In 1976, the Chamber was established as the South Brunswick Islands Chamber of Commerce and had 38 charter members. Helen Pope, wife of one of the charter members, coined the phrase“South Brunswick Islands”.

With the goal of better serving the growing membership, the Chamber’s Board of Directors voted to change the name to the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and adopted the tagline… “Creating a premier place to live, work and play”

And now…as we enter this new decade, the Chamber embraces a renewed vision and mission and have added new programs & more benefits for our members.

Charleston Defense Contractors Association
Ms. Paula Callahan

CDCA Mission
The general purpose of the CDCA is to address issues and opportunities facing the Charleston, South Carolina defense community. Specifically, the CDCA will: (1) perform as an advocacy group for the defense industry in the Charleston metro area and other surrounding regions, (2) provide liaison with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, elected officials, legislatures, and special groups and committees, (3) take actions to develop or improve the local defense community’s ability to develop, attract, retain, and more effectively execute business opportunities, and (4) to foster the increased and improved interaction between defense contractors for accomplishment of better services to defense customers. ​

Ms. Dana Wooten

CCOC is on a mission.
Advocate – Collaborate – Innovate

We are non-profit civically-engaged economic advancement organization led by the businesses that invest in our mission. The Clayton Chamber of Commerce (CCOC)’s mission is to champion business, economic development, and education in Clayton, North Carolina.​

Clinton – Sampson Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Katlin Norris

“Working Together for Total Community Development”

The Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the economic growth of Sampson County, a healthy business community and an outstanding quality of life. The Chamber serves as a voice for the county and surrounding area businesses, uniting those who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually.

The Chamber works to build and maintain productive relationships with the business community by implementing programs that enhance the quality of life and spirit of the community. Contact us about joining over 425 other businesses in our Chamber network.

The Chamber was first incorporated in 1947, as the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Bureau. In the year 2000, the Chamber changed its name from the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce to the Clinton-Sampson Chamber of Commerce in an effort to better incorporate all of Sampson County.

Today the Chamber is a dedicated voluntary organization of the business community and professional individuals throughout Sampson County who wish to work for a healthy economy and community. A 16 member Board of Directors oversees policy-making for more than 425 Chamber members. Board members represent the business, civic and professional leadership of the community. The Chamber is managed by the Executive Director and aided by administrative staff.

Our Purpose

To preserve the competitive enterprise system of business by:
•Creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of business people and a concern for their problems.
•Educating the business community and representing them in city, county, state and national legislative and political affairs.
•Preventing or addressing controversies which are detrimental to expansion and growth of business and the community if they arise.
•Creating a greater appreciation of the value of a more liberal investment of substance and self on behalf of the interests of competitive business

To promote business and community growth and development by:
•Promoting economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all business within the trade area.
•Promoting programs of civic, social and cultural nature which are designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community.
•Discovering and correcting abuses which prevent the promotion of business expansion and community growth.

Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Tammy Williams

The Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary federation of the business community and professional individuals who wish to insure a healthy economy and community.

The Dunn Chamber is people… people just like you! People who realize that through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what not one of them can do individually.

Our Mission is to represent business and industry, working together to advance the economic growth, well-being and quality of life of its members and the community.

Durham Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Timothy Downs

The Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce is a bold, dynamic organization that serves the needs of businesses, non-profits and government agencies of all sizes. There’s no other organization that can connect you to all of these various groups better than the Durham Chamber.

Once you learn a little more about what we do to not only support businesses here, but how our work impacts the entire community, we are confident that you’ll be ready to engage with us. Not to mention, our greatest resource – our stellar staff. You’ll soon see how they can be a resource for you and your business!

Fairmont Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Kelly Johnson

Your friends in Fairmont wish to welcome you to our hometown. We invite you to visit us, rest a “spell,” and enjoy small town life in this warm and progressive slice of Americana. If you are ready for relocating, whether for business reasons or for escaping the fast lane of the city, you’ll find Fairmont ready to welcome you.

Fairmont is located in the southern part of Robeson County. The town has a population of 2,659, but the businesses and industries of the town actually draw upon a population between 25,000 and 30,000 from the communities surrounding the town. The population is a uniquely tri-racial mix of the African American, Native American and Caucasian races.

Tobacco auctionFairmont was originally founded on the site of the Ashpole Institute, a small private academy, and was chartered in 1899 as Union City, then Ashpole in 1901 and lastly as Fairmont in 1907. The first settlers to this area received land grants from the Lord’s Proprietors and worked in the logging and naval stores industries producing lumber, turpentine and pitch for ships. By the late 1800’s, a thriving tobacco market had been established as well. The railroads later followed to rapidly move these goods. By the early 1900’s, tobacco became king, and by the mid-1950’s, Fairmont was considered one of the major tobacco markets in the world. As health concerns have affected the sales of tobacco, many local farmers have turned to other cash crops, mainly corn, soybeans and wheat.

Click Fairmont History for a 1987 collection of facts and pictures from Fairmont’s past. This history was compiled by the late Wiley R. Taylor as part of the Robeson County Bi-Centennial Celebration. (The document is in Adobe PDF and is a large file.) For some historical pictures of the town click here. You can also find historical pictures of the town at

One of Fairmont’s most famous natives was Joseph Mitchell, a writer and journalist. Some other famous people from Fairmont are CBS News Reporter Drew Levinson, Folk Artist Sam McMillan, basketball star Rod Griffin and PGA Golfer William McGirt.

Fuquay Varina Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Kate MacMonagle

Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce Mission

To build and sustain a vibrant economy through a robust public/private partnership focused on making Fuquay-Varina a great place to live and do business.

Membership has it’s privileges! Take advantage of powerful tools to promote and grow your business.

Chamber Vision

A sustainable, quality economic and business environment for Fuquay-Varina.

Greater Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Christine Michaels


Like many cities across the nation, the Fayetteville area had been frustrated in its attempts to recruit new businesses. It struggled with an inability to articulate a unified vision for its future.

A group of local community leaders spearheaded a plan to have the Office of Economic Development at the University of North Carolina pinpoint the area’s greatest strengths and weaknesses and then work with the community to identify the best opportunities for the region’s economic growth. The findings from those initial studies confirmed what most residents already knew, that Fayetteville suffered from a poor community image, fragmented territorial local leadership and underutilized military bases- the home of over 75,000 soldiers and dependents.

What was different this time, was that the area set concrete goals to break down those barriers. Through a process that involved several hundred citizens from all walks of life, the community defined objectives. The three main objectives were to develop a unified vision for economic development, to improve Fayetteville’s image and to leverage the military presence to create economic development opportunities.

downtownAs a result of the findings and recommendations of the Greater Fayetteville Futures community initiative, the group reviewed ways to coordinate its economic development effort.

The Cumberland County Business Council (Chamber) was formed in March of 2003 to streamline and coordinate the efforts of the Fayetteville Area Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Development Corporation and the Fayetteville Area Economic Development Corporation and is now headed by one President- for all organizations.

In July of 2008 the Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce was formed.

Today prospects are not only educated on the economic feasibility of the area, but are often also exposed to staff members with expertise in other areas that may be important to a client.

In 2012, the Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce took on a new name and a clearer mission. The Greater Fayetteville Chamber will be a catalyst in growing a healthy business community through its advocacy of business friendly public policy, the fostering of diverse innovative business initiatives, through strong collaborative partnerships and delivering valuable programs and services to our members.

Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Debra Clyde

Wanting to give direction to the economic growth of the local economy, which was given impetus by the tremendous growth at the two military bases, several of the more enterprising businessmen decided to form The Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce. Thus, Thad Eure, Secretary of State of North Carolina, incorporated the Chamber of Commerce of the Town of Spring Lake, North Carolina on May 24, 1962. Since that time, the Chamber has strived to in promote the economic well being of Spring Lake .

The purpose of the Chamber is to develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, professional, financial, industrial, and general business interests of the Town of Spring Lake. The Chamber was organized also to achieve broader objectives such as to promote the civic interests and general welfare of the community; to extend and promote the trade and commerce, and to foster, develop, and protect the agricultural, and industrial progress of Spring Lake, Cumberland County, and the upper Cape Fear Valley, and to promote and maintain a positive program of friendly relations with the neighboring military installations and the personnel assigned thereto. Concurrent with its purpose, the Chamber expressly chose to be nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nonpolitical in all respects.

Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Sue Meier

It’s hard not to when you’ve been declared “The Next Big Thing” by national media as one of the best places to live in North Carolina.

Nestled between the Cape Fear River and Atlantic Ocean, Wilmington strikes an enviable balance between a casual lifestyle and global business opportunities and makes an ideal destination for moving to North Carolina. Entrepreneurial zeal permeates every facet of the community, giving it the vibrancy of a city much larger in size, with the ease of living found in a small town.

It’s easy to see why the Wilmington demographics reflect our citizens’ passion about our hometown. Every day is an opportunity for a beach vacation only minutes away… experiencing pure creativity at an original theater performance… launching a start-up with the support of innovative minds and angel investors… checking out body art and a local band at an eclectic tavern… holding a meeting in an outdoor cafe… or welcoming a new neighbor and their customs.

Lillington Area Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Phil Addison

Welcome to the Lillington Chamber of Commerce Website

Established in 1948, the Lillington Chamber of Commerce has a rich history as a champion for the local business community, a partner with local government with a shared goal of promoting the town, and a resource for area citizens seeking information about services, businesses and events. Located in Harnett County on the Cape Fear River, Lillington is known for its small town hospitality, convenient location and beautiful natural resources including the river and Raven Rock State Park.

Moore County Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Jana Volitis

The Moore County Chamber of Commerce is a bold, dynamic organization that serves the needs of businesses, non-profits and government agencies of all sizes. There’s no other organization that can connect you to all of these various groups better than the Moore County Chamber. Once you learn a little more about what we do to not only support businesses here, but how our work impacts the entire county, we are confident that you’ll be ready to engage with us. You’ll soon see how they the Chamber can be a resource for you, your business and your employees!

Morrisville Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Sarah Gaskill

Founded in 1990, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization that is an active force in bringing new business and development into Morrisville. Located in the White Ventures Chamber Building on Town Hall Drive, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of Morrisville and Wake County.

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Jackie Lynch
Richmond County Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Seth Allen

The Richmond County Chamber of Commerce is “the voice of business in Richmond County”

The Mission of the Richmond County Chamber of Commerce is to represent and support our members and to strengthen our county’s economy and business environment.

Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce
Ms. Desiree Dolberry