Attollo, LLC

Attollo, LLC
317 Pollock Street
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New Bern
Mr. Jonathan Putney

Our Mission
To offer our customers professional training solutions coupled with high quality services to empower innovation and maximize their results.

Analysis.  Where do you start? Let us craft a tailored analysis for your UAV team, their technology and required applications. Starting with analysis of the situation provides a clear path to the right level of training, beyond Part 107 regulations, to accomplish the task.  We use a proven end-to-end model that has been refined by Naval Aviation over the last 100 years.

Training Management Planning
Situational Analysis
Performance and Media Requirements

Training. From the basics of FAA test preparation to advanced DoD qualifications we provide high quality instruction and education for professional organizations employing remote sensing tools.  We can help you understand and comply with the regulation spectrum from CFR 14 Part 107 to CJCSI 3255.1.

Courseware Design and Development
Courseware Delivery
Courseware Revision and Maintenance

Enterprise Solutions.  Leverage our experience in developing training and currency programs, safety and standardization documents and protocols that provide traceability and encourage a safe and learning-based aviation culture.

Protocol Development
Safety and Standardization Implementation

Consulting. Navigating FAA, ICAO and DoD unmanned regulations can be complicated from a user perspective. We help provide strategies, messaging, and a best practice approach for your UAV application. From evolving regulations, to innovative technologies our experience makes the difference.

Innovation Strategy
Performance Improvement

Our model
Attollo adds value to customers through B2B and B2G contract relationships focusing on unmanned systems, training, payloads, and ground based data processing equipment. Our end state is that Attollo is leading aviation in unmanned training and integration processess of all categories of unmanned vehicles.

Mr. Guy Nelson