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About NCDBA Forums & Roundtables

The purpose of the NCDBA Committees is to provide input to the Board on areas of the Association to ensure the benefits of the NCDBA members are being served to the highest standard possible while remaining within the scope of the mission of the NCDBA.

The NCDBA Committees will act under provisions outlined in the NCDBA By-Laws.

The Board may create advisory committees from time to time. The committees shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board and approved by a majority of all directors in office. The committee shall include two (2) or more directors. Committees shall not exercise the authority of the Board and shall serve only in an advisory capacity.

  • All members of the NCDBA Committees will be members in good standing with the NCDBA.
  • A Committee Chairman, approved by the NCDBA Board, will be designated for each committee.
  • A regular meeting schedule will be determined for each NCDBA Committee.

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NCDBA Committees, Forums and Outreach

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