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Legislative Forum

Assist and Advise the NCDBA Board in awareness and assessment of defense business impact from continual engagement in government and legislative Topics and related economic development opportunities or risks to the benefit of the Membership business interests. Provide advice, recommendations and action plans to the NCDBA Board regarding same to the benefit of: Members, the general military and defense community, and defense business in North Carolina. Through involvement and outreach, monitor: military and military business-related State and Federal legislative and government agendas to identify relevant and burgeoning Topics.

  1. Develop, maintain and validate effective procedures to solicit, advise and educate NCDBA Members and other influencers on relevant and burgeoning Topics.
  2. Engage with influential parties to discover Agendas in order to consider and recommend Topic Policy Positions to the NCDBA Board.
  3. Communicate and influence with actionable knowledge to and with legislators, organizations and other relevant parties regarding the Topics and NCDBA Positions.
  4. Identify and form relationships with statewide and national associations with interests in the Topics and recommend to the NCDBA Board concerning opportunities to align organizations to strengthen advocacy on key topics.
  5. Create Event(s) that engages with the community and provides for additional revenue for NCDBA.


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