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Paul-Immanuel headshot I am a relatively new member of the NCDBA. I joined after a friend talked to me about it for two years and when I investigated the organization, I found out that it shared my values and my love for the country and our great state of North Carolina. My first meeting was a surprise… I drove down to Pinehurst for what turned out to be a special events committee meeting. I learned quickly that the committee was a “fun” committee, and even though there were only about six people, they were six people that I wanted to get to know better!

The second meeting that I attended was a couple of days later—it was the Chairman’s luncheon in Cary. I met several folks there—all of them were either business owners and held high positions (VITOs?) in their companies. Out of the 90+ people there, I probably met about 15 or 20. I did have extended conversations with 11 people. Of those, I found seven who were interested in talking with me further, and in a matter or weeks, one contract was signed, and I have three more people that I am continuing to negotiate with!

If you are wondering whether the ROI on membership is worth it, do not wonder any more! As long as are you are willing to be engaged in the organization, and in multiple committees, you will reap rich rewards. However, do not expect rewards to come to you automatically. There are over 100 events that you can go to each year, I am going to as many events as I can and getting to know the people better. In addition, please remember that this is a two way street. You can help many members with your expertise and advice also. Members will welcome that!

— Paul Immanuel, CEO of Immanuel Consulting Services, LLC and Principal, G5 Business Solutions

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